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Hamriyah free zone offers investors the ideal opportunity to set up a business in a free zone climate. HFZ is quickly becoming one of the foundations of the United Arab Emirates and industrial turn of events.

However, as the Next Generation FreeZone, Hamriyah FreeZone is ensuring that its administration is adaptable and dynamic, other than an investor arrange free zone.

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Company Formation in Hamriyah FreeZone Authority:

Furthermore, Hamriyah Free Zone Authority started in 1995 and quickly becoming one of the foundations of the UAE industrial turn of events. Hamriyah Free Zone is ensuring that its administration is adaptable and dynamic.

In conclusion, it provides incentives and exceptional freedoms to build up a business in a tax-exempt climate, full company authority, and exclusions. The free zone deals with space of around 22 million square meters of prime industrial and commercial land.

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    1. Admittance to 14-meter water port and the 7-meter inner harbor.
    2. Land rent for a very long time was reestablish for the comparative period.
    3. Pre-assemble stockrooms, processing plants, and office units for rent.
    4. Director office suites in the International Business Center for rent.
    5. On location convenience for investors' faculty includes entertainment focus and fitness center.
    6. Transportation through the street, and three ocean ports, and Sharjah International air terminal.
    7. Exceptionally created infrastructure and broadcast communications links.
    9. Freedom for faculty registration and efficient labor force.
    10. The moderate average cost for living items.

    Industrial License:

     This license will permit the holder to import raw materials to fabricate, and process. It helps to get together of indicated items. Moreover, the finish items might trade outside the UAE. 

    Assuming the finished items are sell in the UAE market. The License holder should do this through a local merchant or a local specialist.

    Commercial License:

    This license will permit the holder to import, send out, sell, disperse and store things determined. If the finished items are sell in the UAE market, the License holder should do this through a local merchant or a local specialist.

    Service License:

     This license permits the holder to do the services which are indicated on the license, within the Hamriyah Free Zone as it is.


    Industrial License:

    1. 100% Foreign company ownership is permitted.

    2. 100% Import and Export charge exception.

    3. 100% Exemption from every commercial toll.

    4. 100% Repatriation of capital and benefits permitted.

    5. long term leases accessible, inexhaustible for a further 25 years.

    6. No corporate benefits charge, No close to home income charge.

    7. Vital area to get to worldwide business sectors.

    8. Admittance to the UAE and GCC markets.

    9. Appealing investment incentives.

    10. Plentiful and inexpensive energy.

    The business arrangement as part of a local company or an international company, no capital is needed to be kept with the UAE bank. An expert firm with provincial concentration and having a worldwide representation.

    UAE Free Zones cover all parts of doing business. While situated in the UAE, we offer extensive services for doing business in the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority.

    At GUC We are focused on providing the best business warning services on an opportune premise.

    With individual devotion to every customer, helping them with their arrangements, and being accessible to help and take care of basic and complex issues.